Say Hello to More Pinterest Traffic and Sales With a Profile Optimized to Attract Dream Clients

After you implement you will have:

  • Keyword-Rich Name & About Section: Don’t just tell them who you are; tell them what they’re searching for! Infuse your name and about section with keywords that resonate with your ideal client’s needs and desires. It’s like having a sign that says, “Hey, I’ve got exactly what you’ve been scrolling for!”
  • Strategically Designed Banner: Elevate your profile’s curb appeal! Craft a banner that doesn’t just look pretty—it works hard, too. Guide your visitors effortlessly to your can’t-miss freebies or irresistible offers.
  • Optimized Boards with Purpose:Think of your boards as chapters in a book. Each description should be tailored, making it crystal clear to both Pinterest’s savvy algorithm and curious users. This clarity ensures that the Pinterest cosmos understands just how valuable your content is.
  • Sleek Board Covers with a Bonus: First impressions matter, and with custom board covers, you’re set to dazzle. But let’s take it up a notch: link these covers to your top-tier offers. It’s not just about aesthetics—it’s strategy meets style

What’s Included in the Guide?

✅Video tutorials that teach you how to set up your account or switch from personal to business, update your profile, and about section. So that you can start attracting ideal clients.

✅Tutorials on creating your boards and adding board covers along with descriptions for your boards. This will help you to drive traffic to your pins and make you search worthy!

✅Tutorial on how to use Canva to edit your pin templates, banners, and covers. So that you can have a visually appealing profile that works for you. 

✅PDF Guide that walks you through step by step. Includes board worksheets to track your keywords so that you can keep consistency among your boards and pins. 

✅Canva Templates including 30 Pin templates, five banners, and 20 board covers. So that you don’t have to waste time creating these on your own and you can get up and running ASAP!

✅Bonus training on how to find the perfect keywords for your boards

Meet your guide

I’m Michelle

I created this mini-course with you in mind. I know how overwhelming it can be to start marketing on a new platform and wondering if you are doing it right. The most important first step is getting your profile optimized so your ideal client can find you. This course will help you do just that. 

Pinterest is a search engine so having keywords throughout your profile is very important, and doing it the correct way will ensure Pinterest is happy!

So grab this mini-course and get started!