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If you have ever wondered how often to post on Pinterest? You are not alone. It’s one of the most common questions I get, because it can be confusing! Post too little, it’s pointless, post too much your account is shut down for spam. 

What are Pinterest’s best practices for pinning?

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Pinterest is like other social platforms, in the way that it thrives on freshness and regular engagement. Best practices highlight the importance of maintaining a consistent pinning routine to enhance visibility and performance, along with pinning high-quality content.

Just getting started with Pinterest

When you have a new account it can be difficult to build consistency, so the best strategy is to concentrate on posting your own pins with relevant keywords. You no longer have to re-pin other content creators’ pins, or contribute to group boards to see growth. 

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So how often should you pin? That is the real question right? It’s not a simple answer. However, if you are just getting started, from my experience, the guideline of adding 3-5 pins per day, including at least one new or fresh pin, serves as a solid foundation. 

This strategy not only keeps your profile active but also signals to Pinterest’s algorithm that you’re contributing valuable content, which can boost your pins’ visibility.

Keep in mind though that you can make progress by pinning 1-2 pins per day as long as they have relevant keywords and link to good content. You can also see faster growth by pinning more pins, say 10-15. 

The key is that you should have content from different sources and you should not pin back to back in a spammy way. This is how scheduling your Pinterest pins can help, which we will get into shortly. 

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Fresh content is important

Pinterest is a visual search engine, so creating pins with new images on a regular basis is a great idea. 

Even if you are pinning to relevant content that has been pinned before, having a new image will make it a fresh pin. A good rule of thumb, is a fresh pin can be anything from a new graphic, new color, or text overlay. 

The emphasis on these types of pins stems from Pinterest’s algorithm favoring fresh content, which can lead to higher engagement rates and more opportunities for your pins to be seen by your target audience. 

By integrating new or fresh pins into your daily pinning routine, you’re better positioned to capture the attention of both Pinterest’s algorithm and users.

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Remember, while the quantity of pins is important, quality should never be compromised. Keeping the quality of your pins and the quality of your content high is the best way to grow on Pinterest. Each pin should offer value and relevance to your target audience, encapsulating their interests and needs. 

Finding the right balance between quantity and quality, tailored to your niche and audience’s preferences, is key to leveraging Pinterest effectively for your goals. By following these best practices, you stand a better chance at enhancing the performance of your Pinterest account.

What is a new pin or a fresh pin?

In the ever-evolving world of Pinterest marketing, understanding the value of new and fresh pins on Pinterest is paramount for brands, business owners and creators aiming to maximize their visibility and engagement. 

New pins, simply put, are new content never before published on Pinterest. They could be fresh images, infographics, or videos linked to your new blog posts or product pages. 

Fresh pins, on the other hand, are unique spins on existing content. This might involve updating the graphic design of an old pin or changing its description to target new keywords.

Having a variety of different Pinterest pins will usually give you the best results. I have seen good results in creating a static pin, infographic, and video pin for each post. 

Infographic example
video pin example
static pin

Having a variety of pins is smart

The importance of integrating both new and fresh pins into your Pinterest strategy is a great way to find growth and please the Pinterest algorithm. Pinterest’s algorithm favors novelty and relevance, pushing pins that offer fresh perspectives or new information higher in users’ feeds.

By consistently introducing new or updated content, you signal to Pinterest and your followers that your account is an active source of valuable information or inspiration.

Doing this not only increases your content’s visibility but also encourages higher engagement rates, which in turn expands your reach on one of the most popular visual discovery engines.

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Employing a Pinterest scheduler plays a crucial role in maintaining a consistent flow of new and fresh pins. These tools enable you to plan your content strategy well in advance, ensuring that your account remains active even when you are not online.

By scheduling pins to be published at optimal times, when your target audience is most active, you heighten the chances of your content being seen and engaged with. Thus, a scheduler becomes an indispensable asset for anyone serious about leveraging Pinterest effectively. 

Key Takeaways:

  • New and fresh pins are critical for boosting engagement and visibility on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest’s algorithm favors novelty, making consistent posting of original and updated content beneficial.
  • Using a Pinterest scheduler helps maintain a consistent posting schedule, reaching your audience when they are most active.

What Pinterest scheduler is best?

Finding the right Pinterest scheduler plays a significant role in a successful Pinterest strategy. A scheduler lets you maintain a consistent posting schedule, which is a key factor in maximizing visibility and engagement with your target audience.

Pinterest can be easily forgotten, because it’s not really a social media platform. Pinterest is a search engine.

It can be tempting to spend all your time on Instagram, but when it comes to driving traffic to your website, Pinterest can’t be beat. So, for many, it remains a goldmine of potential customer engagement and conversion opportunities.

The beauty of using a Pinterest scheduler is its ability to help you plan and post content at the best times without having to be online and active yourself at those moments.

This level of automation ensures your account remains active, pushing out new pins and fresh pins regularly, without the need for you to be online constantly, because who really wants to do that? 

In essence, it frees up time that you can then invest in other areas of your business or content creation efforts.

Pinning without spamming

One of the best practices when marketing on Pinterest is to pin consistently, but without being a spammer. By leveraging a scheduler, you can schedule pins effortlessly, and stay out of the spam filter. The rationale here is straightforward: Pinterest favors active accounts that contribute fresh content, rewarding them with greater visibility.

Another aspect where Pinterest schedulers shine is in their ability to let you analyze and adapt your strategy based on performance data.

You gain insights into which types of content resonate most with your audience, what times yield the highest engagement, and how your overall pinning activity influences your reach on the platform. Armed with this information, you can fine-tune your strategy to better serve the interests of your target audience.

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Scheduling options

Here is the good news, you don’t have to pay for a scheduler. Pinterest’s native scheduler has had a huge upgrade and you can now schedule multiple pins at once and have the ability to schedule 30 days out. The only drawback is that you cannot schedule any farther than 30 days out. 

If you are looking for a third-party scheduler my favorite schedulers are Tailwind, Planoly and Metricool. Tailwind has additional analytics and a smart schedule feature that will add pins when your audience is most active. You can also use it to track key metrics like which boards and pins are performing the best and which are the worst. 

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Planoly is very easy to use and if you already use it for Instagram it’s a great option. I really like how easy Planoly makes it to schedule, and it also has a chrome extension so pulling in products is easy peasy. 

Metricool is great because it will also give you additional analytics not only for Pinterest but for all your social media networks and websites. It’s a really solid platform for managing everything at once. 

Knowing your target audience

Understanding your target audience forms the foundation of any successful marketing strategy on or off social media platforms, and it is no different on Pinterest. 

The behavior and preferences of your audience command how you should structure your pinning schedule for the best engagement. By utilizing a Pinterest scheduler, tailoring content becomes less of a chore and more of a strategic action aimed at better connections. 

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Remember that creating awesome content with a solid Pinterest SEO strategy will help your audience find you. It will also make them want to continue to click on your pins and visit your profile. 

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Where to begin

When you are first beginning, pinning at a strategic time is not nearly as important as being consistent with pinning so don’t overthink it.

If you do decide you want to get into the nitty gritty of timing your posts using the smart schedule option inside Tailwind is a great tool to consider. I depend on that smart loop!

The use of a scheduler allowed me to capitalize on these high-traffic periods without having to be online and pinning manually at all times. I wouldn’t be on Pinterest if I was pinning manually that is for sure!

Learning what types of content resonated with my audience played a significant role in shaping my pinning strategy. I found that video pins overall were getting more reach and outbound clicks.  It’s important to learn what works for your audience. What works with one account doesn’t work on others. 

When you start pin a mix of pins that will appeal to your audience and then adjust as you learn what works and what doesn’t. 

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Determining the optimal number of pins per day is as personal to you and your audience as your content is. The most important factor to consider is how many pins you can pin consistently. 

Through testing and analyzing engagement rates, you can start to refine your strategy as you go. 

Engagement on Pinterest is not just about the volume of content but the relevance of it. 

Optimize your Pinterest Profile

In order to maximize your pinning strategy having an optimized profile is a must. It may just be more important than how often you post to Pinterest. Having keywords that call in your ideal audience sprinkled throughout your Pinterest profile is key to telling Pinterest who you are, and who your content serves.

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This way Pinterest knows who to put those amazing pins in front of. You can also start ranking on Pinterest for those terms and then….maybe even google. So you can see the importance of this.

I have created a full mini course to walk you through each step to optimize your profile. It includes tutorial videos, PDF and pin templates, board covers and banner templates. You can get it right now for free.

PInterest profile mini course

Determining the best Pinterest Marketing strategy for you

Developing a tailored Pinterest marketing strategy involves several considerations to ensure alignment with your business goals and effectively reach the target audience. Pin frequency plays a significant role, but it’s only a part of the equation. 

A successful strategy on Pinterest, or any platform for that matter, incorporates a deep understanding of the audience, the use of relevant and engaging content, and the strategic use of keywords.

This involves researching their interests, habits, and preferences on Pinterest. What type of content do they gravitate towards?

Are they looking for inspiration, instruction, or product recommendations? This insight will guide not just what you pin but how often you do it. Tailoring content to meet audience expectations increases the chances of engagement.

Next, prioritizing the creation of new and fresh pins should become part of your routine. Pinterest values original content, and so does its users.

New pins help attract attention and drive traffic, while fresh pins keep your profile vibrant and engaging. Allocating resources—time, effort, or budget—towards the creation of high-quality pins is essential. This also helps you consistently draw attention to your full content catalog.

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Consistently re-evaluate your strategy

Finally, consistently reviewing and adjusting your strategy based on performance metrics is a good way to keep your pulse on what’s important to your audience.

Pay close attention to the best-performing content and pins, and use these insights to tweak your pin frequency, the nature of your pins, and even your strategy on Pinterest. 

Remember, what works today may not work tomorrow, so staying adaptable and responsive to data is key.

While pin frequency is a crucial factor in a Pinterest marketing strategy, it’s equally important to focus on understanding your target audience. Committing to creating new and fresh pins, efficiently scheduling your posts, and continually optimizing your strategy based on performance insights.

Along with creating quality content. Balancing these elements will help you develop a more effective approach to marketing on Pinterest. Learning how often to post on Pinterest is a question that changes with you and your audience so stay agile.

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