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Have you wondered why you should optimize your Pinterest profile and how to get started?

Pinterest Profile Opitimization Mini course

Before we get started make sure you have a Pinterest Business account. To do this you can either create a new Pinterest business account or switch your existing personal account to business. 

Having an optimized Pinterest profile is important so that your ideal customers or clients can find you. Keeping in mind that Pinterest is a visual search engine and you need to make sure the Pinterest algorithm knows who you are and who you serve, your pins are shown to the right people.

The first step is making sure you know what keywords you are going to use to attract your ideal client. 

TIP #1: How to add keywords to Pinterest

Once you have your keywords you are going to use them in every area of your profile you can. 

This means being strategic about what keywords you decide to target that makes the most sense for your niche and your ideal customer, client or reader. 

You can use the Pinterest search bar, trends section and ads section to find keywords, you don’t need a tool to locate them. 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest SEO and how to find keywords on Pinterest this blog post goes into depth on SEO strategy for Pinterest. 

TIP #2: How to optimize your Pinterest Profile

The first place to look at when optimizing your profile is your name. You can add in more than just your name in that section. 

This is a great place to add what you do. 

To do this go to your photo in the top right and hit the drop down:

Showing an arrow pointing to the top right corner of the Pinterest profile to show where the drop down is.

Then click settings and you can change your name section. 

The first place to look at when optimizing your profile is your name. You can add in more than just your name in that section. 

This is a great place to add what you do. 

To do this go to your photo in the top right corner and click the drop-down:

Then click settings and you can change your name section. 

It should look like this:

Example of a name with description of what the profile is about

The next section is your “about” section. 

This is similar to a “bio” and when crafting a good description you want to use keywords throughout the section. 

Contrary to common belief your about section is not about you, its about your ideal customer, client or reader. 

You should describe what they are going to get from you, why they should be interested in your profile/page. 

Keep in mind, no only are you telling your ideal customer what you are about, you are telling the Pinterest algorithm what you are about. 

When writing this, keep those things in mind. 

You will change this in the same section as your name. 

photo showing an example of the "about" section of a Pinterest profile

TIP #3 How do I make my Pinterest profile attractive?

Having an attractive Pinterest profile isn’t the most important thing when optimizing your Pinterest profile, but Pinterest is a very visual platform so having an aesthetically pleasing profile is only going to help. 

You can absolutely have beauty with function. 

One area many people forget about is their banner.

You should have a banner that works for you. Ideally, you already have a free opt-in to build your email list, if you don’t already have that, I highly recommend you create one. 

Add the address to get your free item with a photo of it in this section. 

Alternatively you can add a photo that shows what you do along with your website. 

If someone comes to your pinterest profile they want to learn more about what you do and who you are. Make sure you make it easy for people to connect with you. 

TIP #4: How to optimize Pinterest Boards

The next place we need to look is your Pinterest Boards. Pinterest boards are how you can organize your content. 

A good place to start to optimize your Pinterest profile, is with 10 boards, consider your content pillars and how you can break those pillars up into a few different boards. 

Next you will want to add your board descriptions. 

You can use chat gpt if you prefer for this section, but I do recommend you edit it for your voice and accuracy and don’t just copy/paste. 

In this section use 5 keywords that describe that board and try to get as close to the 500 words as you can. DO NOT KEYWORD STUFF, by just filling your description with keywords. 

Pinterest Profile Optimization Mini course

TIP#5: How can I make my Pinterest account better?

If you want to make your Pinterest account better, you can go that little extra mile and really nail your profile. 

So this by adding board covers. This makes your profile look more professional and cohesive. Your boards should be strategically named using keywords, and those covers should reflect that. 

Keep the covers simple with easy-to-read text, and stay away from script font. Even though it’s pretty, it’s hard to read. 

Example board cover

You will add the cover like a normal pin, use the board name as the title, and the board description as the pin description. 

Then link that board cover to something that makes sense, either your website, a blog post, YouTube video, product, or whatever makes sense for that board. 

Then just edit your board and add that as your cover. 

Get the free Pinterest Profile Optimization Mini Course

Pinterest profile optimization mini course photo

I have created a mini course that you can get instant access to optimize your pinterest profile.

The mini course goes into detail on each of these elements with video tutorials and PDF download.

I have also included templates you can use to create your Pinterest banners, board covers and 30 Pinterest pin templates.

I could easily charge $97 for this but want to make sure you are set up for success, so I made it free. 

Comment below if this was helpful, and let me know what else you would like to learn about. 

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