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Do you agonize over writing effective Pinterest pin descriptions that will entice people to click through to your site or blog? I used to! But not anymore thanks to a few simple tips I’ve picked up along the way. You will learn where to put keywords on your pins, and how to make sure you have an SEO friendly description that the Pinterest algorithm loves.

I’ll walk you through my step-by-step process for creating magnetic pin descriptions and titles that draw ideal prospects to your pins.

Find Relevant Keywords

You should target 2-5 keywords for your pin. If you have already researched keywords for the content you are creating the pin for you should have that handy. 

If you don’t then you will want to find some keywords to target as your first step. This blog is all about finding keywords on Pinterest, it goes into depth on the subject and worth the read.

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Once you have your keywords you are ready to start creating your pin.

Three places you should put your keywords

I know we are talking all about descriptions, but while we are here lets get into the other places you should have keywords so you walk away with an optimized pin.

  1. Text Overlay: You should have a keyword (preferable the main target keyword) on your pin in the text overlay. Remember, Pinterest is a visual search engine. Pinterest scans your pins, so its important to have keywords in the text overlay. For my example pin, I used “Learn more about Pinterest SEO” and “Find Pinterest keywords easily.”
  2. Title: You should have 1-2 keyword in your titles. For my pin, I used the title “Master Pinterest SEO and How to Find Keywords on Pinterest.”
  3. Description: Your description is where you can add the rest of your keywords. You should also have a clear call to action.
Pin image with text overlay that says Find Pinterest Keywords Easily
Master Pinterest SEO: How to find keywords on Pinterest
Pinterest pin description

When you are writing your descriptions keep in mind, most people don’t actually read through the description. So in a way you are writing for the algorithm/search function. However, you should not keyword stuff. Pinterest considers that as spammy behavior, so it should be a descriptive paragraph.

The best advice I’ve heard and what I use is to choose five keywords and write a sentence around each. That should get you very close to the 500 characters Pinterest allows. 

You should also be using keywords throughout your profile and boards, which I get into step by step in my free Pinterest Profile Optimization Mini Course. But we are just focusing on the description today.

For example: “Ever wondered the secrets to finding the best keywords to use on Pinterest? Unlock a foolproof step-by-step process for discovering hundreds of relevant, high-traffic keywords to skyrocket your next pin’s reach. If you are looking for something that will be a game changer for your Pinterest marketing strategy then narrowing down on the right keywords is essential for your success. Attract your ideal customers and start driving traffic to your offers.”

Don’t forget a Call to Action

Make sure that you add a call to action to your pins. It can be on the pin itself or in your description.

The rule of thumb I like to use is the call to action should be in the first sentence of the description if you choose to put it there. Because as I mentioned before, most people don’t read the full pin description. 

Use Chat GPT and Keywords Everywhere

If you don’t want to have to come up with descriptions on your own, or you just want the process to go a bit faster, I get it. 

I’m going to show you how I use the free version of keywords everywhere with chat GPT to create pin descriptions. 

You will want to have the keywords everywhere extension installed in the same browser as you pull up your chat GPT. 

Then on the bottom left you will see a K and “Templates,” Click on templates and a template will come up. 

Intro to using chatgpt and keywords everywhere to write pin descriptions

Under category click, “social media,” under subcategory click “Pinterest” and then under “Templates” you will click create pin description. 

How to write pin descriptions with chat gpt and keywords everywhere

Enter your topic and then your keywords and chat GPT will generate three pin descriptions, or more if you ask it to. 

ChatGPT and Keywords Everywhere
Write effective Pinterest Pin Descriptions with these tools

Choose the description you like the best, make sure you review it and change it to sound like you and you have a great SEO friendly pin description. 

E-Commerce Product Pins

If you are an e-commerce seller and sell on any platform from Etsy, to Shopify and WordPress, the best hack I have for you is to make your product descriptions optimized for SEO. Then you can just take the first paragraph (500 characters) and use that for your description. 

Pinterest will eventually overwrite your description with the product description anyway, so you don’t need to add more work for yourself.

Bloggers and Pinterest

If Pinterest is a big part of your marketing strategy as a blogger, having your Pinterest pins in mind with your blog will also save you time. If your introduction paragraph is optimized for SEO, you can just pull that paragraph for your descriptions. The key is to work smarter not harder. 

I hope these tips help you write effective Pinterest pin descriptions that entice more of your ideal audience to click through! Let me know in the comments if you have any other Pinterest questions.

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