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Are you selling digital products on Etsy? If you’ve been on the lookout for a game-changing platform to enhance your reach, Pinterest might be your golden ticket. Here’s why and how.

Well hey, I’m Michelle, a Pinterest manager and strategist, and not only do I manage Pinterest accounts, but I also run three Etsy stores exclusively selling digital products. I’ve walked the tightrope of product creation, listing, and marketing. So, I’m here to break down how you can make Pinterest work wonders for you.

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The Magic of Pinterest for Etsy Sellers

Pinterest isn’t just another social media platform; it’s a visual search engine. Users flock to Pinterest for inspiration, and ideas, and, very often, to shop. If you’re selling visually appealing digital products, Pinterest provides the perfect stage.

Let’s be real, Etsy has the customer base but it’s darn competitive out there, so we need to find the best ways to drive traffic to our stores without depending on the Etsy gods or pouring money into ads. Even having Etsy ads turned on doesn’t always equate to Etsy sales. 

Step-by-Step to Pinterest Success:

Profile Optimization:

Your Pinterest profile is your storefront. You will first need to make sure you have a Pinterest business account. Then use clear, searchable terms, in your “about” section and name. For example “holiday event printables”, or “invitation template” ensure that users find you easily during searches. This is a very important step and I don’t want you to miss it.

If you are starting a new account, start here

Click open new business account

If you are converting your personal account, click the drop down by your name.

Make sure you grab my Pinterest Profile Optimization Mini Course, to make sure you have your profile optimized to start attracting the right customers. 

Crafting Perfect Boards:

Launch with 10-15 boards that mirror your Etsy shop categories. By doing so, potential customers can find exactly what they’re looking for, whether it’s ‘Christmas Event Templates’ or ‘Thanksgiving Crafts’.

Don’t be afraid to expand off of your store categories. Think strategically, how can you create boards that you can pin multiple different Etsy listings to? For example, if you have a Party Sign Template, you could create a board for “Birthday Party Stationery” and “Event Party Signs” and pin your birthday party welcome signs to both boards.  This works for any Etsy products you might sell it’s not specific to digital products. 

Optimize Your Pins:

When you are posting products from Etsy, Shopify or any site, you should make sure your product descriptions are optimized with SEO because Pinterest will pull in your descriptions from your listings. These are “Rich Pins.” Pinterest users will be able to find your pins and products through your Pinterest boards and pins. 

This is why I teach you to just grab your pin description right from your listing to save time because it will be replaced within a couple of days with that description anyway.  

Dabble in Affiliate Marketing:

Expand your reach and revenue by integrating affiliate links, especially if you’re part of programs like Amazon’s. Just ensure you strike a balance to avoid appearing spammy. Another affiliate program that you could join even without a big following is Collective Voice

The biggest thing you need to ensure, is that your links make sense with your boards. For instance, I have Gifts for kids, Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women etc. I sell event stationery so it makes sense that if someone is looking for stationery they might also need gifts. 

Scheduling Made Easy with Tailwind:

Consistency is key on Pinterest. Instead of manual daily pinning, use tools like Tailwind. Schedule multiple pins, ensuring a steady stream of content without overwhelming your audience.

This is also a game changer for getting your catalog on Pinterest without getting caught in the spam filter. It helps to ensure your content is spread out and dripped onto Pinterest. Rather than going…okay we are going to just pin today everything we have! Pinterest doesn’t like that at all!

Take a look at this video that talks about how to stay out of the Pinterest spam filter. 

Designing Engaging Pins:

Platforms like Canva can be a lifesaver. Design pin templates once, and with minor tweaks, you can reuse them, saving hours in the long run.

I create about 20-25 pin templates for each collection, then I tweak them for each pin and just drop my pictures in. It saves so much time, and when you are working in volumes of products it makes a huge difference in making pinning consistently doable, or feeling overwhelming. 

Embrace Video Content:

With the increasing demand for video content across platforms, Pinterest isn’t far behind. Simple animations, how-to videos, or slideshows can significantly increase engagement. Show your potential customers how to use your digital products, giving them a clearer idea of the value you offer.

Try to think outside the box. What behind the scenes sneak peaks can you give them? Can you educate them on how to make using your product easier? What is the best ways to use your product? Things like this make excellent video content that does well on Pinterest. You can also repurpose your IG reels or TikToks, just make sure its the right kind of content that will perform on Pinterest. 

Set Achievable Goals:

Start small. Aim for a pin a day, and as you get the hang of it, increase your frequency. Using scheduling tools, you can easily batch this task, freeing up time for other business operations.

Don’t feel like you have to hit 10 pins a day. You don’t. Start with a beginning goal of 1 per day, then move to 3 per day and work your way up from there. 

Additional Tips:

Pinterest SEO – Keyword Optimization:

Just like SEO for websites, Pinterest thrives on keywords. Incorporate trending keywords in your pin descriptions, board names, and even your profile.

Having your keyword research done and organized ahead of time will help you out so much in this process. I have another blog post that covers Pinterest SEO in depth. You should read that once you are finished with this post.  The main take away is that you want to be found in the search results. 

Or if you prefer video: PINTEREST SEO

Hot tip: Don’t start tracking your analytics (outside of noticing what kind of pins are performing best) for the first 90 days. There is no point, it will only frustrate you. Remember you are using Pinterest for the long game. Give it time to work its magic. 

Pinterest Marketing, when used effectively, can be a goldmine for Etsy sellers dealing in digital products or any products. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Start with the basics, be consistent, and as you grow and learn, adapt your strategies for maximum impact.

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