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Are you an Etsy seller specializing in digital products? Ever toyed with the idea of using Pinterest to promote your Etsy digital products? If you’re nodding along, you’re about to dive into a goldmine of insights. 

Running three Etsy stores myself, I’m all too familiar with the hustle – designing products, getting them listed, and then the mammoth task of promoting them. It’s like baking a cake and then realizing you’ve got to decorate it too! That’s where Pinterest comes into play. Let’s take a look at how to promote those products without adding hours to your workflow.

Setting Up Your Pinterest Business Account

For my new Etsy shop, ‘Lovely Events Paperie‘, I ventured into the Pinterest realm by setting up a my Pinterest business profile specifically for this store. The trick lies in optimizing your Pinterest profile. Include your name, the product or service you provide, and ensure the use of searchable terms. For instance, “holiday and event printables and templates” helps potential clients find me easily on this social media platform.

I actually created a mini course I’m giving away for free showing you how to get your profile optimized so you can start attracting your ideal clients right away. It’s the Pinterest Profile Optimization Mini Course and you can just click the link to get access. 

Your ‘About’ section is where your storytelling skills shine. Infuse it with keywords but remember – it’s a chat over coffee, not a robotic soliloquy. Having this about section optimized will help you get found in the Pinterest search. After all, getting found in the Pinterest search engine is what we need to start driving that traffic to our Etsy Store.

Need tips on Pinterest SEO keyword research?

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And, if you’re like me and love giving away freebies (who doesn’t?!), having a QR code banner that leads to a freebie is a game changer. This will help get your ideal client on your email list so you can continue to promote Etsy products to your people. 

Pinterest banner for Etsy showing free events planner with QR code

Curating Pinterest Boards for Your Etsy Store

For ‘Lovely Events Paperie‘, I started with 11 boards inspired by the categories from my Etsy store. Everything from Halloween to Christmas finds a spot here. My board’s titles and descriptions are optimized with keywords. This is truly the start to a good Pinterest Etsy strategy. 

I have also included boards for affiliate products I’m promoting. Like gifts for Christmas and Gifts for kids because if someone is searching for event stationery they may also be looking for gifts. So it makes sense to have it on the same account. I wouldn’t post unrelated affiliate offers on this profile. 

While building these Pinterest boards, remember to optimize your Etsy listings too.

Have multiple products that fall into similar categories? Perfect! Pin them across different boards. For example, a Christmas-themed party sign template can be pinned both under ‘Christmas’ and ‘Party Signs’. The more the merrier, right?

Pinning Your Etsy Listings – The Right Way

When you’re introducing a new product on Etsy, the next logical step is to feature it on Pinterest. Services like Tailwind can be invaluable here, letting you schedule your pins seamlessly. Trust me, scheduling pins might sound tedious, but it’s as easy with the right strategy!

You can use the native Pinterest scheduler to get started, and that will work great. What I love about using Tailwind is that you can automate repinning and pinning to different boards all at once without having to go in an repin manually. The oher benefit is scheduling farther than 30 days out. 

tailwind scheduler, woman with laptop happy that tailwind has helped her with her Pinterest Marketing

This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase through this links then I may recieve a small commission at no additional cost. Thank you for your support!

The Pinterest native scheduler only allows scheduling up to 30 days out, so its difficult to build those pins up with repinning. However to get started its totally doable. 

The other benefit to using Tailwind is that you can use their chrome extension to schedule your pins directly from your Etsy store. So fast, and one of my best ways to add my products to Pinterest quickly without adding a huge amount of work. 

You simply right click on the listing, click schedule with Tailwind, then add your title, description and be sure to grab your share and save link to link it back. I will then click save for later and do this with 10-15 products at a time. I then go into Tailwind to schedule them all out. 

Doing this with the scheduler helps you to avoid getting caught in Pinterest’s spam filter. 

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Using Pinterest video pins

And, with the world moving towards videos, Pinterest is no exception. Video pins can significantly drive traffic to your Etsy products. A simple animation or a slideshow can make all the difference. If you’re selling printables, imagine creating a mini tutorial on how to use them. How to edit the and print them out. Game changer, right? 

Especially since Pinterest allows videos up to 15 minutes, so you aren’t going to get cut off after 60 seconds. 

I also prefer the native scheduler for video pins and will schedule those directly with Pinterest. The quality is better and I feel like my reach is better this way. 

Creating Pinterest Pins that Pop

When it comes to designing pins, Canva is my go-to social media tool. With a mix of original and tweaked templates, creating pins becomes a breeze. A mix of standard pins, video pins, and infographics will keep your Pinterest account diverse and engaging. A great Pinterest Pin will include a keyword-rich text overlay, your main keyword in the title, and two to three keywords in the description. 

Pinterest and Etsy talk to each other and your product description will eventually end up being the description on Pinterest so if you can make sure you have those keywords in your Etsy product description. 

Video is all the rage, but having a good mix of standard pins with your infographics is a good strategy. 

Now if you are strapped for time, I recommend just committing to one video pin and one info graphic a week. 

An infographic is usually a longer pin that gives some tips or good information like, “how to use social media templates to engage your following” and then listing some high-value tips. These types of pins are great to increase your saves. 

How Often Should You Pin?

Starting with one pin a day is a great place to start. As your Etsy business grows, aim for about five pins daily. With tools like Tailwind, this task becomes less daunting. A strategy I swear by? Scheduling pins! Dedicate a set time for it, and you’ll soon see how effortlessly it integrates into your routine.

Watch this video to see exactly how this works:

I recommend incorporating video pins, info graphics, static pins and pinning directly from your store as part of your strategy. BUT if you are just getting started, start scheduling pins directly from your store, just remember to space those pins out and don’t pin more than 3 per day like this. I don’t want you to get your store suspended. 

Once you have this down, then you can start adding in the other forms of pins. The more you can get your offers out there, the better this strategy will work. 

Pinterest can be overwhelming, but if you want to have some help, I have offers for every budget. From a Pinterest audit to a complete done for you strategy. I’d love to help you create Pinterest a strategy that drives sales in your store. Reach out to me at [email protected] for a no-pressure conversation. 

Wrapping It Up

In the vast sea of social media platforms, Pinterest emerges as a formidable ally for your Etsy digital products store. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start small, pin regularly, and watch your Etsy sales soar. Using Pinterest to promote etsy digital products can be a game changer for your store.

To everyone out there, hustling and bustling with their Etsy dreams, remember – every pin counts, every sale is a milestone, and every dream is valid. Dive into the Pinterest world, and let’s drive traffic and sales to your Etsy shop together. Happy pinning!

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This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase through this links then I may recieve a small commission at no additional cost. Thank you for your support!

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