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When it comes to social media marketing, platforms like Facebook and Instagram often steal the spotlight. However, Pinterest, a visual discovery platform, holds immense potential for driving organic traffic and bolstering sales. If you haven’t tapped into the power of Pinterest yet, here’s why you should consider it, and how to do it effectively.

Use Pinterest to get customers

If you have ever wondered how to drive traffic to your website with Pinterest you have to first understand the users. “Pinners”, are not just there to connect with friends. They’re actively looking for inspiration, solutions, and products. In fact, a survey indicated that 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions. That’s a goldmine for businesses and content creators. It means a great pin will cause a pinner to not only save your pin but click through to your article, website or product. This will drive more traffic to exactly where you want them to go.

Create Visually Stunning Pins

Since Pinterest is a visual platform, your pins should be eye-catching, high-quality, and relevant to your content or product. Make sure to use vertical images (a 2:3 ratio is ideal) as they stand out better on the platform. Also, add descriptive and compelling text overlays on your images to give context and attract clicks. Having pins with movement or videos helps catch the eye, so they should definitely be part of your pin strategy.

Optimize for SEO

While Pinterest is a visual platform, it also functions like a search engine. Users type in keywords to find specific content. Make sure to:

Use relevant keywords in your pin titles and descriptions.

Add detailed descriptions with relevant hashtags.

Utilize board names and descriptions to further boost your pins’ discoverability.

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Claim your website

Rich pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on the pin. You can get rich pins by claiming your website and installing your Pinterest tag. Pinterest will pull data from the url directly into the pin.

There are several pin types: product pins, recipe pins, and article pins. For businesses, product pins can be especially beneficial as they include real-time pricing, availability, and where to purchase. The pinner also has the ability to click straight to the product to make a purchase.

Make sure your profile is optimized

Having an optimized profile will help connect you to your ideal customers or client. When updating your name and about section, make sure you are using keywords and making sure its about what you do and who you serve.

Having keyword rich board descriptions and board covers is the next step in an optimized profile. You should have 5 keywords relevant to those boards in the description.

Since this is such an important step, I created a free mini course showing exactly how to do it. The free course comes with video tutorials, a PDF guide and 30 pin templates, 5 banners and 20 board covers. You can grab it here, and you’ll get instant access.

Direct Traffic to Your Website with Effective Calls to Action (CTA)

While it’s essential to provide value and inspiration, don’t forget to guide users to your website or offers. Add clear CTAs in your pin descriptions, such as “Visit our site for more” or “Click to buy now”. This is imperative to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest.

Analyze and Adjust

Pinterest provides detailed analytics for business accounts. Regularly:

Check which pins are driving the most traffic.

Understand what content resonates with your audience.

Adjust your strategy based on data-driven insights.

Pinterest isn’t just a platform for DIY crafts and recipe collections. It’s a powerful tool for businesses and content creators aiming to drive organic traffic and promote their offers.

By leveraging its unique user intent and combining engaging visuals with strategic optimizations, you can turn Pinterest into one of your top traffic sources.

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