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Picture this: It’s 2012, and I’m all set to embark on what I imagined to be a sunshine-filled Arizona adventure

With my winter wear discarded (a regrettable choice!), my family and I anticipated an easy ride into this new chapter. But life threw us some curveballs. Job-hunting was tougher and more daunting than we’d ever anticipated. Let’s be real: securing a well-paying job wasn’t a walk in the park.

Maybe our move was hasty, perhaps even reckless. But the freezing cold of our past life?

it wasn’t for us, not for the long haul.

we were grappling with financial hardships that seemed insurmountable and dealing with a family tragedy. It was during this time that I wrestled with a shadow I later identified as depression..

But like the sunrise after the darkest night, life started showing glimmers of hope.

 By 2015, I found myself diving into the world of insurance claims. Not the most glamorous of jobs, and surely not the childhood dream of many, but it became my silver lining. It provided stability, a consistent paycheck, and health benefits that eased many a sleepless night.

With time and perseverance, I climbed the corporate ladder, securing promotions and a comfortable life. But deep down, there was a restless itch, a yearning to chase a dream uniquely mine. I’ve played supportive roles in others’ aspirations since my first job at 14, and now, the siren call to pursue my own passion became irresistible.

Yet, the practicalities of life couldn’t be ignored. No job guarantees permanence, and the fear of sudden corporate downsizing always lurked. So, I took a leap of faith.

And so began my journey as a Pinterest Manager. The joy of helping others achieve their dreams through my expertise fuels me.

This venture isn’t just about business; it’s about crafting a life where I no longer seek permission to be present for my family and myself.

Can I help you with your Pinterest management?

i pride myself on working with integrity, educating my clients and providing outstanding service.

With regular updates and analytics tracking you will always have a know what is working and growing your business and where we can focus our efforts.

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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”